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Hello~ My name is Roo. I am an artist.
This is my art tag: Art Tag
I have a multi-fandom blog over here.
Yowamushi Pedal || Daia no Ace
Haikyuu!! || Drammatical Murder
K Project || Meganebu!
Free! || Rowdyruff Boys
Karneval || Harry Potter
Katekyo Hitman REBORN! || Utattemita
Thanks for dropping by, and don't be afraid to drop an ask! I like talking to people. ♥


Commissions are opened! Gotta earn for a lot of things again.

  • I’ll draw most things. Feel free to ask me about it if you’re unsure!
  • Ask away if you have any questions at all!
  • Commissions are for personal use only.
  • Prices apply PER character.
  • Additional $$$ will be charged depending on the complexity of details and such, but will not go over $5.
  • Paypal and USD only.
  • I will begin your commission once I have received the money. Please include a note of your username so I’ll know who sent it! When you send the payment, please select Purchase > Services. PLEASE PAY PAYPAL FEE IF THERE IS ANY.
  • I’ll be drawing in relatively medium sized canvases (1100px). If you’d like a print-resolution file, please let me know. Take note these will take longer since the file will be big.

If you’re interested, feel free to note me on my deviantart or email me at lexleggy @ gmail.com entitled “RLC” with the following.

Your username
Name of Character/age/height/gender
Size (Half/Fullbody)
Prompt/specific ideas for pose/expressions if any

Thanks for looking!

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated!

Signal boosting my friend! Lex is hella awesome you should commission her hella awesome art ok.

I’m pretty sure they edited Shinkai, but GOSH Yuuto. Help me I’m dying.

I was so unmotivated to draw and my friend Coons told me to draw faces out of shapes and I did and now I’m just laughing. Whoever guesses the characters right first gets a free sketch I swear. I’ll tag the fandoms.


shannaroooooooo replied to your post:
Oh my god Lo this is me right now. Like I’m terribly trying to get in the mood to do asks but look at me. Smiling at my monitor…………..

We share the same feels and pain my dearest Roo! I shall really gif all of the shinkais for our own selfindulgence… or even better! Are you up for a livestream of the stage plays?


Oh god please please we really do need all the Shinkais we can get for this job. //mingplz

And omg I’m actually about to sleep in a while, but ughh I do want to livestream since I’ve never seen Pedal Stage o)-<




Please if you write Tsukikane/Shuuneki stuffs please please message me I want to read it. Please.

goggleddreamer writes them and it’s A++ 

friend those tags

but yes i write shuuneki

Bless you shuunekis for those tags I cackled all the way to the trains. Bless you goggleddreamer for writing shuuneki/tsukikane. I will dedicate my afternoon to this.

Bless you all.

Please if you write Tsukikane/Shuuneki stuffs please please message me I want to read it. Please.